Manual Powered Handheld Workbench Trolley Freestanding
Fine wire            
0.10mm – 0.50mm M10   M10      
0.10mm – 0.60mm BM10     BM10 BM10  
0.25mm – 1.20mm M25   M25 M25 (with peg)    
Medium wire            
0.30mm – 1.80mm M30   M30 M30 (with peg)    
  BM30     BM30    
    HP180 HP180   HP180  
    CP180 CP180      
1.00mm – 3.60mm (copper) M101 P101   M101 M101  
1.00mm – 5.00mm (aluminium) M101     M101 M101  
    P101     P101  
    HP100     HP100  
 2.00mm – 6.50mm   HP200     HP200  
5.00mm – 12.50mm (copper)    EP500       EP500
5.00mm – 15.00mm (aluminium)     EP500       EP500
6.00mm – 16.00mm (copper)     P1000       P1000
6.00mm – 20mm (aluminium)     P1000       P1000
15.00mm – 25.00mm(copper)     P1500       P1500
15.00mm – 30mm (aluminium)     P1500       P1500
Maximum width: 45mm (1.772")
Minimum thickness: 0.2mm (0.00787”)*
* Depending on material properties
  ST40     ST40  






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