HP200, medium wire cold welder, by PWM LtdOperation

Copper/EC aluminium
2.00mm - 6.50mm (.079" - .256")

L750 x W610 x H1030mm (29" x 24" x 40")

Nett weight
120kg (264lbs)

Gross weight
143kg (315lbs)

Powerful performance

A larger, more powerful version of the HP100, the HP200 is equipped with a solid steel welding head capable of welding non-ferrous wire and strip from 2.00mm to 6.50mm. Mounted on a trolley for convenience and ease of use, the HP200 is powered by an air/hydraulic intensifier and easily activated by a foot pedal.

Using the proven multiple upset technique, the machine will cold weld the materials in seconds to provide a bond which is as strong as the parent material.

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